M6 shafts are generally used on large logging winches, medium wood chippers, mowers, snow blowers, and roto tillers.  Transmittable horse power at 540 rpm is 60 HP, At 1000 rpm 98 HP. M6 SLC-32  Two plate slip clutch on implement end.  Two bolt mounting to implement shaft.  Min. length 32".  Max. length 43".  Both ends six spline 1 3/8" 50lb.   E6 SLC-32  As M6 SLC-32  but has on tractor end 1 3/8" 21 spline hook up.  On other end six spline 1 3/8". 50lb.     M6 SLC-43  Long shaft with two plate clutch.  Six spline ends 1 3/8" Min length 43". Max length 60". 55lb.                  Click HERE for same size PTO shafts without a clutch.
Replacement Shafts
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Axel Shaft
Six spline 1 3/8"
1 3/8" 21 Spline Hook Up