Cutting a PTO for a Woodchipper
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If the tractor has a PTO-Brake, you have to use an overrunning clutch.  Click here for shaft recommendations for your model chipper.   Cutting the PTO shaft to the correct length. If the PTO shaft is too long it might bind when the three point hitch is lifted up.  Damage might be caused to the bearing of the chipper or to the PTO of the tractor.  If the PTO shaft is too long it must be cut.   Both PTO halves must be shortened by equal amounts.
1.  Mount the chipper on the three-point hitch of the tractor. 2.  Cut the engine and remove the keys.   Lower the chipper on a firm and level surface. 3. Lift the three point hitch so that the power intake shaft of the chipper is on the same height as the PTO of the tractor.  The PTO and the power intake should be closest to each other at that position. 4.  Pull the PTO shaft apart.  Connect one half of the shaft to the chipper so that the locking pin is locked in place.  Place the other end of the chipper flush with the end of the tractor's PTO.  Lay the ends side by side as shown in the figure to the right.  Mark on the shield how much must be cut off. The tubes must be so short that they cannot reach the bottom in any chipper position. 
Cut the plastic tube.  Refer to fig 7.
Cut a piece from the profile tube, which is the same length as the piece which you cut off of the shield. (As shown on figure 8) Shorten the other half of the PTO shaft to the same length. File sharp edges off of the profile tubes.  (As shown in figure 9)